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Article 1: General.

Art Buro ArtPlease Zwolle interest-Buy

Also trading under the name, Kunsthandel Henk van der Kamp hereinafter buy interest-giver, is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Zwolle under number: 05048415. Buy interest-giver is in Zwolle / Netherlands based company specializing in the sale of such art through interest-free repayment include Art / products and related services in the broadest sense of the word. Buy interest-giver user of these General Conditions. Buying interest-Taker is the contractual partner of buying interest-giver that the validity of these Terms and Conditions.
These Terms and Conditions also apply to all quotations, offers and correspondence of buying interest-giver and with (potential) clients and / or interest-purchase borrowers.

The buying interest-taker must show a valid identification (passport or ID card) at the time of entering into an agreement to buy interest-giver.

Item 1A: Payments.

• interest-taker is obliged to buy the monthly payments at maturity to buy interest-giver needs.

• Are more than one natural and / or legal interest-taker to buy, then they are individually and severally liable for the whole.

• For each late payment, interest free purchase borrower to buy interest-giver delay fee of 1.5% per month, whereby part of a month as a full month.

• If buying interest-generator allows any delay, this is always subject to all its rights, that those rights by this delay in any way be affected or impaired.

• Promises by, arrangements with or payments to intermediaries or third parties by buying interest-giver is not recognized, unless for any special event by buying interest-giver confirmed in writing or accepted.

• interest-buy buyer grants interest-buy giver irrevocable right, any payments made by him at the option of interest free purchase giver accrued or which by interest-buying borrower to interest-buy giver payable in respect of this Agreement or any other reason whatsoever.

• interest-buy buyer waives his right to buy opposite interest-giver to compensation claim or attachment against herself to explain.

The interest-buy buyer is obliged to change of address, or other unspecified resulting changes to appoint the interest-giver buy this immediately notify.

. All costs, both judicial and extrajudicial, arising from the breach by buying interest-taker of any provision of these regulations, are the sole responsibility of the interest-buy taker. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the principal amount with a minimum of € 34. - Plus sales tax on the collection costs.
The extrajudicial collection costs again in possession of the Product (s) by buying interest-giver are 15% of the principal amount with a minimum of € 57, - plus sales tax on the recovery costs.

Article 2: Changes and administration.

• interest-buy buyer agrees to buy interest-giver immediately in writing to act if there are changes that affect this Agreement, including, for example a change of address, etc.

• interest-buy giver is entitled to the interim and Conditions without prior notice to change or supplement.

• interest-taker buy conforms to the books by buying interest-giver subject to proof.

Article 3: BKR interest-giver can buy at the credit bureau Registration in Tiel (BKR) this transaction and the payment conduct and any arrears thereof there to register if buying interest-holder is a natural person.

Article 4: Transfer.
Buy interest-giver is entitled to transfer its rights under the agreement, also the pledge or title to the product (s) to any third party or another in its place to bring.

Article 5: Rights to the product.

• The rights which interest-buy grantor pursuant to the Agreement on the Product (s) can claim to be considered now for then also be established on any replacement Product (s) designated by interest-buy buyer with permission from interest free purchase giver for the original product
(s) may be substituted.

• Has buy interest-giver claims more than an agreement to buy interest-taker, they will be considered as forming a whole, so interest-buying giver her rights to any Product (s) may exercise until all obligations are fully met.

. Interest free purchase is mandatory that any person any right in respect of the Product (s) to exercise to inform the rights of interest-buy giver and such appointments immediately to notify interest free purchase giver submission of all relevant documents.

. If the product (s) of government is sought is interest buy giver while not fully satisfied, entitled reparation or compensation this behalf interest free purchase taker sole discretion, to regulate, to receive and before discharge be granted and even which thus received
deducting its claim.

Subject to in Article 12 on early repayment, the agreement for both parties intervening non-cancellable, interest free purchase giver is entitled, without any warning, court order or notice is required, the due directly and in its entirety to demand, the agreement immediately
to terminate and / or the Product (s) to take possession without prejudice to its right to compensation of costs, damages and interests to claim and without prejudice to its right to terminate or to demand compliance if:

• The interest-taker Buy contrary to any article of the agreement acts or fails to meet its obligations arising from the contract requirements.

• The interest-taker buying moratorium, an amicable or judicial settlement, is declared bankrupt, the WSNP
is applicable, is placed under guardianship or Netherlands resident and allowed to leave or his company sells, closes down or liquidated;

• The interest-taker buy any third party claims unpaid, the possession of the Product (s) loses or seizure of the Product (s) is placed.

• If damage to the product (s) is caused, which is not covered by insurance or by insurers is paid so that the insurance is terminated;

• If it appears that interest-buy taker, though the good faith before or at the conclusion of this Agreement incorrect or incomplete statements has done or done, or factors have been withheld which are of such a nature that interest-buy giver the agreement or not on the same conditions would be entered if the correct state of affairs had been known.
Interest-taker will buy if you pay an amount equal to the outstanding installments based on original maturity plus any late fee.

• Paid by interest-buy taker come furthermore all costs incurred by interest-buy giver or to be made, if interest-buy buyer does not comply with the provisions of this Agreement, including inter alia the cost of requisition, of valuation and sale as well - after notice -
The extrajudicial collection costs of 15% of the outstanding.

Article 7: Right to recover if whole amount in its entirety and directly fell due.

• interest-giver buy at full and immediate exigibility right the Product (s) to be recovered.
If after recovery the Product (s) privately sold,

their value will be binding on the parties determined by an interest-buy giver to designate, good name and reputation expert.

. The set value will buy interest-taker be communicated.
This value - or possibly higher yields - will be deducted from the total amount of interest-taker to buy interest-giver purchase amount.

• interest-buy giver is not bound to interest-buy buyer or any other party notice of the way, the place where and the period within which the sale will occur, nor is interest buy giver taken notice of the sale itself.

Article 8: Obligations regarding the Product.
During the period of interest-giver buy rights to the Product (s) may assert:

• Is the interest-taker prohibited buy the product (s) to sell, exchange, encumber, lease or use to third parties.

• is interest-taker is obliged to buy the product (s) carefully to preserve, use and maintain

• Is the interest-taker may not buy the product (s) for other purpose or to use it for its intended purpose or use or deal in conflict with the law;

• Free Waart interest-buy buyer buying interest-giver against all claims based on violations of laws, regulations and provisions in force relating to the status or use of the Product (s).

• If buying interest-giver anyway for these offenses is addressed, will buy interest-sponsor the cost thereof to purchase interest-taker in charge.

• is interest buy taker is obliged at all times to buy interest-giver or to one or more experts to be appointed by the opportunity to provide the product (s) to investigate.

Article 9: Guarantee / Insurance.

• interest-buy giver to the interest-buy buyer or third parties for any warranty or indemnity held and is not liable for damage caused to or by the provision or operation and by the complete or partial loss of the Product (s) occur, all
implications for the risk and expense of buying interest-taker, who buy interest-giver here to indemnify.

• interest-taker can buy opposite buy interest-giver not invoke error as to the nature, capabilities, method of operation and maintenance of the Product (s).

Article 10: Damage / Insurance.

• interest-buy is mandatory that theft, whole or partial destruction or loss of the Product (s) to buy interest-giver to report.

• Apart from the provisions in the agreement regarding insurance is made, may interest free purchase giver in respect of these insurance further conditions as well determine that its name states, if interest-buy giver wishes, remains the policy to its long interest free purchase giver any interest in
The item (s) has.

• All that buying interest-giver under the insurance received is deducted from the interest-free by buying borrower owed.

• In case of damage, theft, total or partial loss of the Product (s) required interest-buy buyer is either the product (s) to restore or do recover, or after consultation with interest free purchase giver replaced with an equivalent product (and
), which possibly by buying interest-damages levied for repair or replacement tokens are used.

• interest-buy buyer shall have no right to reduce or remit the amounts owed term during any period that the Product (s) is not or not properly functioning.

• Also, interest-free interest-charges shall never buy buyer may require for a period in the preceding paragraph, the Product (s) by another wholly or partially replaced.

Article 11: Subletting, maintenance and insurance. • It is interest-buy taker banned the product (s) for re-letting. • interest-buy buyer warrants that with respect to the product (s) by his insurance as the Liability Act
(WA) or contents insurance is required and is terminated and the insurance (s) shall remain in force as long as interest-buy giver and / or its assignee rights to the Product (s) are entitled.

. Interest-buy buyer agrees to buy interest-giver and / or its possible successor on first demand to compensate for the adverse effects resulting from neglect of this warranty for buy interest-giver and / or its possible successor may arise.

The costs of any valuation and if possible destroy or damage resulting from defects arising during the period Interest-free purchase, shall be borne by buying interest-taker.

Article 12: Overall early repayment.

Early overall repayment is possible at all times.
In case of full repayment is interest buying borrower owed the remaining debt.

Article 13: Disputes. At present agreement is governed by Dutch law. With due observance of the legal rules governing the jurisdiction of the Court, all disputes arising from this contract shall be submitted to the (provisions) Right to Zwolle.

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