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Conditions of Use

General (delivery) terms

1) Scope
a) These General Conditions apply to all operations and activities of art trade Henk van der Kamp, hereinafter commercial art Henk van der Kamp even those which do not belong to the actual conduct of the business.
b) apply the (relevant provisions) conditions of third parties with whom art trade Henk van der Kamp implementation of the assignment (s) further agreements were concluded.
c) Under commercial art Henk van der Kamp  is also understood its employees or any other of whom it is served pursuant to an assignment.
2) Work
a) projects undertaken by commercial art Henk van der Kamp can be made to, inter alia:
i) Trade (buying / selling) of art, antiques and related matters, wholesale or retail (hereinafter: the trade).
ii) The provision of services, including: appraisals, counseling purchase / sale of collections, creation of collections occur at auctions, selling on consignment, advice on restoration or conservation, insurance, claims, probate, estate partitions, storage, transportation, packaging ( hereinafter: the service).
b) Anyone who commercial art  Henk van der Kamp enter into any agreement or business / operations performed for is hereafter called the client.
3) Execution of the work
a) commercial art Henk van der Kamp has over its client (s) an obligation which will be described in detail below.
b) commercial art Henk van der Kamp will its client (s) to reasonable standards as much information as possible as to what they offer for sale (hereinafter the property) that counted at the time of sale / purchase.
c) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp has held the principal (s) good faith to inform on the status of the object referred to under b. above.
d) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp gives all its known and reasonably relevant information about the object.
e) On request, the above under b. and c. shall set out in a report.
f) The above also applies to the provision of services.
g) The cost of valuations is the indicated in Art. 4 below.
h) Art trade Henk van der  Kamp reserves the right to change without reason to refuse to perform work for a client.
i) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp  has the right to implement all or part of work to be done by third parties or employees of third parties, the same applies to what is associated with it.
j) Art trade Henk van der Kamp operates during the agreed contract (s) and any resulting contract (s) between the client only for that reason as a mediator of respective clients and therefore can never be either a person or company liable for The resulting obligations such as by us and by the principals agreed arrangements, and the issuance of written or oral statements, agreements and other matters regarding this contract (s) including any material damage or immatriële.

4) Payment
a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing all deliveries cash on delivery.
b) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp can (each additional) advances and / or security questions when carrying out its work.
c) The invoices and advance bills of Art trade Henk van der Kamp expire 14 days after dispatch by Henk van der Kamp commercial art. 
d) After the client is in default and shall in addition to interest of 1.5% per month or part thereof on the balance owed the extrajudicial collection costs according to the rates of the Dutch Bar Association plus VAT with a minimum of € 115, - .
e) Art trade Henk van der Kamp is then entitled her work to suspend or terminate without any consequences of its liability and the obligation of the principal owed by him - plus interest and costs and any other damage components - comply .
f) Payments should only be made on the bank account indicated on the invoice without any discount, compensation, deduction, etc.
g) Payments made otherwise than in the manner indicated, are not (legally) done.
h) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp  is entitled to unlimited setoff to apply.

5) Retention
a) Subject to possible other rights, Art trade Henk van der Kamp entitled to (multiple) security of payment risk and expense of the client (and / or any beneficiary for whom the relationship under any (e) law (sverhouding ) about decision had) to retain goods, documents, etc., until all of its claim (s) - for whatever reason - is / are met.

b) It includes no (copy in) transmitting documents.


6) Complaints
a) In commercials here means all grievances of the client / buyer on the commercial art  Henk van der Kamp services, sent invoices, warranties and goods.
b) Complaints must be within the payment owned by Henk van der Kamp commercial art  to be.
c) Complaints can only be made in writing to the address of Henk van der Kamp commercial art  .
d) Complaints must be a motivated / description of the claims to hold and have official documents.
e) Complaints suspend the payment of principal only, on the other hand if a State bank guarantee may be invoked as soon as the members are made by arbitrators or by mutual agreement signed.
f) Complaints regarding guarantees of at Gallery / Art trade Henk van der Kamp purchased (e) art (s) from its site / collection which demonstrably does not comply with our stated problem (s), is advertising within 8 days after purchase date the purchase price refunded. Outside this period of 8 days but within 21 days of purchase date can only be exchanged, this is only against one other artwork from our collection / website of the same price or a supplement (supplement). Complaints concerning the article under f) above, but outside the time limits must hold, expired.
g) The signs for goods delivered must be made in accordance with subparagraph b. above.
7) Ownership
a) Applicable is a so called extended retention of title, which means that business property of Art trade Henk van der Kamp remain as long as their client something, for any reason whatsoever, is guilty.
b) The client is required during this time on Sat (a) k (s) as a good father to handle and maintain, including but falls: proper storage and adequate insurance.
c) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp is entitled at any time exercise their right of retention to (do) exercise in which the principal part they all will cooperate (presence, access, etc.).
8) Computers
a) In computer files commercial art  Henk van der Kamp  can find information about (cases) clients.
b) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp  is not responsible for the consequences of the intrusion (hacking), failures, effects of deletion of files, unauthorized acts of third parties, etc.
9) Dissolution / suspension
a) When a client fails or is insufficient to agreed obligations (including failure of advances, provision of guarantees) may commercial art  Henk van der Kamp suspend or terminate its activities.
b) Any contractual relationship will be dissolved in any case if the client:
i) suspension of payments;
ii) a request for debt does;
iii) in a state of bankruptcy;
iv) to dispose of his assets or part thereof a predominantly (reign, attachment, etc.);
v) dies or a decision to liquidate / dissolution is taken;
vi) become unable to recognize its interests properly to observe;
vii) is placed under guardianship.
10) Final Provisions
a) Deviations from these Terms and Conditions or additional special conditions apply only if agreed in writing between the parties.
b) out of courtesy or otherwise not (entirely) enforce any provision (s) of this or further agreed terms, does not mean that the operation of the remaining well is abandoned or thus accepts the formation of a habit.
c) In case of conflict between this agreement and further agreed special, special prevail.
11) Domicile
a) The domicile of the client applies for commercial art  Henk van der Kamp last known address.
b) By commercial art  Henk van derKamp documents sent to that address are deemed received by the client.
c) Should the art dealer Henk van der Kamp known domicile of the client is incorrect and is the principal of that change is not informed, then commercial art  Henk van der Kamp for the consequences in any case not liable.
d) commercial art  Henk van der Kamp elect domicile in her office.
12) Applicable law / jurisdiction
a) The legal relationship between Art trade Henk van der Kamp and the client Dutch law.
b) Any disputes arising in connection with this Agreement or other agreements that might result, will be settled by the competent court of the domicile or place of Art trade Henk van der Kamp and sponsor.
13) Dutch text shall prevail.
The Dutch text of these general conditions shall prevail over any translation thereof. A copy of these terms and conditions is available free of charge Art trade Henk van der Kamp.

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