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About Us

About Us
Dear Art lovers,

With this brief explanation of a Gallery / Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp, who are we and what can you expect from us:

Buying art on the Web, more and more people discover this new trend on the national - and international art. The convenience to the desired time, in peace we can visit and possibly make an art purchase an extra dimension to this new phenomenon.

We are verified sellers of art on the internet and offer our organization an ever-changing collection of over 1100 fine art from all periods and art movements of the past century. The works are generally still in their original state, ie, untouched and in their original setting and are all carefully selected professional, quality and artistic qualities. All this against a real and affordable price, including shipping or delivery.

From our love, collecting art and the resulting idea that the pleasure of this in principle should be accessible to everyone, our art trade. We have been active for several decades in the Dutch art market and thereby have a lot of goodwill, respect and trust among both our museum, corporate and private clients. Our aim here is to offer to art at a fair and affordable price.

New developments in the art such as the Internet, the (art) world a much clearer and more accessible. This entails that within the art market changes have occurred among the exhibiting, promoting and selling art.

To keep abreast of the available art in the past they went to the country and Commercial Art Galleries to visit.
But now you will see an increasing shift towards visiting websites on the internet, the art show and offer. An additional advantage is the avoidance of today's traffic, parking, time and travel problems.

Also from these aspects, we are on the path of 24 hours a day online selling art on the internet. This information is also cost us a different look like, this translates into less expensive to offer such as art, which in turn connect to one of our goals such as, selling fine art at a fair and affordable price! Another advantage is that from your own interests and tastes, without interference from outside and at any time that suits you can visit us to possibly make a selection from our range of art.

Through our unique and personalized for each system you can login directly to the work of your book choice. You remain in our part at any time after appointment the opportunity to personally come and see art in our Gallery / Showroom or contact us by phone, fax, email and private communication.

We work on our website is not with the "sold" on the artworks, but to remove it by direct sales in order to keep the offer aktueel.

The title, Signed / Signed means that signatie (artist) with us is not known.

The title, Unknown / Unknown means that the work is not signed.

We are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year online!


Henk van der Kamp.
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