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Art Consultants Mediation and Henk van der Kamp.

Through our years of experience on the national - and international art market and the resulting contacts with museums, corporate and private clientele at home - and abroad, we offer you our services and Goodwill.

In short, the overall structure of our art consultancy that individuals, institutions and other representatives of us can turn in mediating, acquiring, selling and providing searches of art from the 19th / 20th and 21st centuries, both national - and international artists.

Our organization operates both at home - and abroad.

When entering into a contract to speak we will consult with you on a commission for services to be provided by us, that only a successful agreement with us must be settled. On that amount (the commission) is one B.T.W. payable.

We act on a no cure no pay, and also our prices are highly competitive.

We take no work in advance in stock, but if we make this a party found an appointment.

During the period of work or in our possession, you will receive an official certificate of transfer and the works are fully insured.

Once the parties have entered into a definitive agreement, the settlement of this we met Immediately, the desired and agreed arrangements with us.

If desired, you remain anonymous and does not provide information to third parties.

We can also advise you in all areas regarding the collection, purchase and invest in art.

These and other matters, please kontact us take a personal interview.


Art Consultants and Henk van der Kamp.

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