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About the privacy of your personal information We can be brief. The privacy policy of Kunsthandel Henk van der Kamp is aimed at the protection of confidential information. Data that you expect these private, remain private. Personal information you provide to us during registration (such as name and address further, age, gender, telephone number, email address, etc.) are not accessible to third parties. They will not be disclosed, sold, rented or exchanged.

How to protect Kunsthandel Henk van der Kamp your personal information?
Every effort has been made to Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp to archive your data is stored in a secure environment. Therefore we use the latest advanced technologies. For example, your password protected with encryption. Using your password, you can edit your personal information.

Highly confidential data such as bank account numbers or credit card number will NOT be stored on servers that are connected to the Internet. All data on purchases and payments between Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp and your bank will also be transmitted in encrypted form via the secure SSL protocol it.

Also, Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp so organized that e-mail contact is always through the internal mail system of Kunsthandel Henk van der Kamp expires. For security logs Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp the IP address of your computer connection. Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp reserves the right, in case of abuse, information about your connection to request your information be released when required by law, such as Art Dealer Henk van der Kamp by a judge to be summoned.

We use so called cookies - a security setting in your computer - to give you an ID to them. Cookies identify your computer to our servers when you visit our site. The functionality of the website Kunsthandel Henk van der Kamp requires that cookies are enabled.

The information you provide can be used for the study of demographic data. These data reveal nothing about individuals, but apply only to aggregate information such as how many people visit the site, in which age is the most concentrated amount of visitors, etc. This non-personal information (specific or collected) is an orderly aggregated manner for quality control and improvement of our website.
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