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Kass, Joël Kass


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Joël Kass

There is an old saying that "one picture is worth more than a thousand words", therefore I wish to write only that which you may find useful.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you a small collection of my work, which I have chosen myself and thought it to be representative of my paintings. This site is indeed a fascinating way to reach audience from around the world. During the years I was fortunate to travel in many parts of the world in pursue of my career. I have had exhibitions in many European countries, in Latin America, the United States and so on.

Many paintings, which appear on this site and even more that do not, may be found in museum and private collections. In many cases, however, I lack documentation of my paintings and their whereabouts. I will be delighted to be informed of thier existence. Please contact me through this web site and transmit, if you wish, a picture of the paintings (indicating their dimensions and date of purchase if possible), a small history of their past and your personal address if possible. I promise to answer all your mail. I will be happy to add to this site your own paintings mentioning your name, if so desired by you.

My work is often identified with expressionism (rightly so). It is, however, so I feel and many do, very personal and as such I would like to present it to you.

Last but not least, I wish to relay that the Holocaust Collection needs to find a "permanent home".

Many thanks for the interest that you have shown in my work,

VEENDAM – In het Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam wordt op zondag 9 oktober de dubbelexpositie ‘KLASSE kunstwerken’ en ‘KLASSE foto’s’ geopend. De exposities worden georganiseerd in het kader van het 150-jarig bestaan van scholengemeenschap Winkler Prins.

KLASSE kunstwerken

‘KLASSE kunstwerken’ toont kunst uit de collectie van scholengemeenschap Winkler Prins. Al in de jaren twintig van de vorige eeuw begon de RHBS van Veendam, de latere Winkler Prins scholengemeenschap, met het aanleggen van een eigen kunstverzameling. Door de jaren heen heeft de school een indrukwekkende collectie beeldende kunst opgebouwd met werk van onder meer Escher, Karel Appel en Joel Kass. Het Veenkoloniaal Museum is de perfecte locatie voor deze tentoonstelling, omdat het museum is gehuisvest in het monumentale pand dat oorspronkelijk is gebouwd als RHBS.
Datum toegevoegd: 21/07/2017 door: De Kunsthistoricus
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