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Verdié, Julio Verdié


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Julio Verdié

MASTER OF COLOR: Artist, Journalist, Poet, Author, Playwright

Founding Member of “Grupo 8”

ARTIST : Julio Verdie
BIRTH DATE : 1900-01-03
PLACE OF BIRTH : Montevideo, Uruguay

Painter born in Montevideo (Uruguay) on 3rd January of 1900.

Studied at Fine Arts Circle. Was secretary of the National Fine Arts School since his foundation to 1959.

Besides his painter activity, published poetry, novel and theater books. His works were started showing at Teatro del Pueblo of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and at Teatro Polémico of Montevideo (Uruguay).

He was distinguished too in journalism.
Makes several study trips arround Europe in 1949;
in 1952 in mission of the National Fine Arts Committee; settled in Paris registered at Abstract Art School directed by the Masters Edgard Pillet and J. Dewasne; in 1958 in misision of the Abstract Art Schook; in 1963 like member of the National Committee of AIAP; in 1967 in mission and like Cultural Attaché of Uruguayan Embassy in Brussels (Belgium); in 1969 in a study schoolarship of the Hispanic Cultural Institute in Madrid (Spain) and like Cultural Attaché at Uruguayan Embassy in Spain.

Artista plástico, novelista, poeta y dramaturgo. Estudió en el Círculo de Bellas Artes. Combinó sus intereses plásticos con inquietudes literarias; Fundó la revista "Germinal" y colaboró activamente con las publicaciones "La Pluma", "Alfar", "Teseo", "La Cruz del Sur", entre otras. En sus viajes a Europa recibió influencias artísticas que redundaron en la experimentación de la abstracción. Ganó varios premios en Salones Nacionales y Municipales, sus obras se encuentran en diversos países de América y Europa.

His works are in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo (Brazil), the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts in Montevideo (Uruguay), National Museums (Uruguay); and in private collections in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Russia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

Outstanding Individual Exhibitions:

1945- ALFAR Gallery (Uruguay).

1950- Art and Culture of Republic University (Uruguay).

1954- Caviglia Gallery (Uruguay).

1954- Beaux Arts Galleries, gouaches and inks, Paris (France).

1954- Rosemarie Gallery, paintings and drawings, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1955- Rosemarie Gallery, paintings and drawings, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1958- Galerie Palmes, Paris (France).

1959- Galerija Kulturnog Centra Beograda (Yugoslavia).

1961- Centro de Artes y Letras El País (Uruguay).

1963- Disque Rouge Gallery, Brussels (Belgium).

1964- Disque Rouge Gallery, Brussels (Belgium).

1966- Hispanoamerikanische Gallery, Frakfurt (Germany).

1966- Industrial Club Gallery, Dusseldorf (Germany).

1967- Contoir Gallery, Brussels (Belgium).

1967- National Fine Arts Committee (Uruguay).

1968- Club Alemán (Uruguay).

1968- A Gallery (Uruguay).

1968- Galería de London (Uruguay).

1969- Revello Gallery (Uruguay).

Outstanding Colective Exhibitions:

1949- “13 Pintores Abstractos”, Arte Bella Gallery (Uruguay).

1949- “29 Pintores Uruguayos”, Salón Kraft Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1950- “5 Pintores Hoy”, Amigos del Arte (Uruguay).

1951- I Modern Art Biennial, San Pablo (Brazil).

1951- “Arte No Figurativo”, Architecture Faculty of Montevideo (Uruguay).

1952- 1st No Figurative Art Gourp Exhibition, Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (Uruguay).

1952- II International of Pittsburg, Carnegie Institut (USA).

1952- Espacio Gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1953- “5 Modern Painters”, II Modern Art Biennial of San Pablo (Brazil).

1953- 2nd No Figurative Art Group Exhibition, Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (Uruguay).

1955- “19 Artistas de Hoy”, Subte Municipal (Uruguay).

1955- “5 Modern Painters”, III Modern Art Biennial of San Pablo (Brazil).

1957- Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Holland).

1957- “5 Modern Painters”, IV Modern Art Biennial of San Pablo (Brazil).

1958- International of Porto Alegre, Adquisition Prize (Brazil).

1959- Rubbers Gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1959- “Grupo 8” (Uruguay).

1960- I Painters and Engravers Biennial of Mexico, Mexico D.F. (Mexico).

1962- Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1962- “20 Uruguayan Painters”, Velásquez Gallery, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1962- Dallas Museum, “Hispanoamericanos” (USA).

1963- General Electric Institute (Uruguay).

1964- International of Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

1966- International of Slovengrad (Yugoslavia).

1967- “Hispanoamericanos”, Galerie la Tour, Geneva (Switzerland).

Outstanding Prizes:

1948- City Council Mention, Bronze Medal, for his ink “Paisaje” at XI Drawing and Engrave Contest (Uruguay).

1948- Banco de Seguros del Estado Prize, Bronze Medal, for his oil-stucco "Interior” at XII Painting and Sculpture Contest (Uruguay).

1949- City Council Mention, Bronze Medal, for his drawing “Naturaleza Muerta” at XII Drawing and Engrave Contest (Uruguay).

1949- Enrique Mañé Prize, Bronze Medal, for his oil “Pintura” at XIII Painting and Sculpture Contest (Uruguay).

1950- Composition Prize, Bronze Medal, for his oil “Cena” (composition) at XIV Painting and Sculpture Contest (Uruguay).

1951- City Council Mention, Bronze Medal, for his ink “Eutrapelia” at XIV Drawing and Engrave Contest (Uruguay).

1952- Carlos A. Castellanos Prize, Bronze Medal Donation to House of Representatives, for his ink “Poliritmo” at XV Drawing and Engrave Contest (Uruguay).

1953- 2nd Prize, Silver Medal, for his ink “Eutrapelia Nº23” at XVII National Contest (Uruguay).

1957- 1st Prize, GOLD MEDAL, for his oil “Naturaleza Muerta Nº4” at XXI National Contest (Uruguay).

1960- Acquisition Prize for his oils “Naturaleza Muerta”, at XII Municipal Contest (Uruguay).

1961- Acquisition Prize for his oil “Solfatara”, at XIII Municipal Contest (Uruguay).

1962- Acquisition Prize for his mixed paint “Solfatara II”, at XIV Municipal Contest (Uruguay).

1968- Acquisition Prize for his acrylic “Figura, el poeta y su musa” at XXXII National Contest (Uruguay).

1969- Acquisition Prize for his work “Crepúsculo selenítico” at XXXIII National Contest (Uruguay).

His works are at the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Modern Art Museum of San Pablo (Brazil), Modern Arte Museum of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Municipal Fine Arts Museum of Montevideo (Uruguay), National Museums (Uruguay); and in private collections of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay on January 3, 1900, Mr. Verdié first studied at the famed “Círculo de Bellas Artes.” Very active as an artist, he taught and became Secretary of the newly established School of Fine Arts (“Escuela de Bellas Artes”) since its founding until 1959. His prolific novels and articles were frequently published and his plays staged in theatres in Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Verdié traveled to Europe many times to and served as an national diplomat. In Paris, he enrolled at the “Atelier of Abstract Art” to study under E. PILLET and J. DEWASNE. In 1967 he was appointed Cultural attaché at the Embassy of Uruguay in Brussels, Belgium. Two years later, in 1969, the “Instituto de Cultura Hispánica de Madrid” granted Mr. Verdié a scholarship in Spain; at the time he is also appointed as Cultural attaché of the Embassy of Uruguay in Madrid.

Upon his return from Europe, his close friend and owner of Galería Contemporánea, Julio Mariño, invites VERDIÉ to set up his own atelier and paint on premises exclusively for the newly opened art gallery.


JULIO VERDIÉ began exhibiting his diverse artwork extensively in 1945, often at the invitation of important and well-established art galleries, institutions, corporations and museums around the world. They were organized in Montevideo, Uruguay; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Paris, France; also in Belgrade, Yugoslavia and in Slovenia; Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland; in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany; Sao Paolo, Porto Alegre and in Rio do Janeiro, Brasil; at the Pittsburg Carnegie Institute and the Dallas Museum, in U.S.A.; in Mexico; and in the Popular Republic of China.


In his seventy years of presence in the art milieu, VERDIÉ was awarded a number of prestigious awards. In 1957 he obtained a gold medal for his original “Still Life No. 4”. In 1975 he wins the highest honor in the arts awarded in Uruguay, the “Gran Premio Nacional de Pintura” by “El Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas y Visuales in Uruguay. His artwork is found in the permanent collections of the Museo Nacional y Municipal de Bellas Artes, Montevideo, Uruguay; the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Museos do Sao Paolo and Rio do Janeiro, Brasil as well as in many private collections in Europe and the Americas.
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