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Madrazo, Tito-Livio de Madrazo


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Tito-Livio de Madrazo

Citaat by Jacqueline Elsane. ca. 1932.

Some of most beautiful theater and dance posters of the 1930s were executed by the Spanish painter Tito-Livio de Madrazo, who arrived in Paris in 1923. Excellent at utilizing simplicity of line to create movement, his images are at once clear and complex. Here, the performer appears elongated and wiry, slithering across the page in pink.

Tito-Livio De Madrazo was a Spanish visual artist who was born in 1899. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'SAINT CLAIR AND DAY' sold at Swann Auction Galleries 'Graphic Design' in 2017. The artist died in 1979.
Datum toegevoegd: 11/09/2018 door: De Kunsthistoricus
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